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Sun City Cannabis Club


The Sun City Cannabis Club by Armentine Duryea, published 2005 by Okey Dokey PressIf you think retirement communities are populated by brainwashed old farts in golf carts who go to church twice a week to assure themselves a place in an imagined hereafter, prepare yourself for a new perspective.

Instead of spending her golden years knitting and playing bingo, naive and frequently inebriated Nancy McRae becomes entangled with a secretive network of senior citizens involved in one of the more divisive issues of our time an issue sent all the way to the Supreme Court: medical marijuana.

Nothing is ever as it seems in this escapade of personal struggle under the pressure of social constraint. Circumstances drag her into a death-defying whirlpool of romance, murder and political intrigue. She finds herself amidst colorful retirees who provide an unconventional stepping stone to an empowerment that fills her once drab existence with excitement, purpose and meaning.

Welcome to a page turning thriller that will keep you guessing right up to the last page!

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