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When one smokes marijuana,
one’s eyes become bloodshot,
one’s appetite increases,
one’s mouth becomes dry,
and one becomes mildly euphoric.

To eliminate the redness, use eye drops.

To eliminate the increase in appetite, have a healthy, nutritious snack.

To eliminate the dryness of the mouth, drink some pure, cool water.

To eliminate the mild euphoria, scrutinize the government.

By: Armentine Duryea
Okey Dokey Press – $17.00 US

Have you ever wondered what goes on behind those gates in a retirement community? Well this book; The Sun City Cannabis Club - The Metamorphosis of a Mature Woman, will open your eyes to the strength and determination of a secret group of free thinking senior citizens living behind the confines of the gates. You’ll laugh, you may even be shocked, but you will definitely become enlightened.

Armentine Duryea (a nom de plume) draws you into this book with a sort of innate knowledge of the cannabis movement’s network. The characters and their loosely
linked associations to key players are very
intriguing. You will find yourself wondering, “Just who is Armentine Duryea?”

We asked Jock McNeill, Armentine’s liaison and publisher, why the author felt a
pseudonym was necessary, he replied, “because of the controversial nature of the book and that she lives in an ultra-conservative community, she demands absolute anonymity. However, she told me ‘Once I have enough scratch to get out of town, I’ll remove the mask’.”

McNeill went on to say; “I don’t know
‘Armentine’s’ exact age, but I know that she is over seventy. She has traveled the world and is vastly experienced, and although she refuses to discuss some of her experiences she is unstoppable regarding others. I have personally heard some that know her, call her “the Grandma Moses of Contemporary Literature.” This is her first novel, and she refers to it as her ‘dogma drive-by’.”

Duryea’s true identity is a guarded secret
but after reading this book you will start to
understand why.

The story centers on Faye McCrae (a
frumpy West Coast housewife) who happens to move to Sun City with her close-minded and controlling husband. However, after his suicide, she finds herself on an incredible journey of self-discovery. A brief bout with alcoholism and a mugging brings a mysterious
woman named Marian Higgins into her
life. Marian takes Faye under her wing and
introduces her into the world of cannabis and compassion. During Faye’s awakening, she comes to the realization that perhaps all the things she’s been led to believe for years are simply untrue and it ultimately changes the way she participates in life forever. You could
say, Marian plants the seeds of new ideas
which allows Faye to open her mind and
move into the “inner circle”. Meanwhile,
Marian’s passion for exposing corrupt politicians lands them in the middle of a Mexican grow-op and that’s where the intrigue begins.

If a fictional work with a real life twist is
what you’re looking for, this is a great read
from beginning to end.

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